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    CGAN Reunion 2012

    A gathering of positive change

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    CGAN Wedding

    A CGANite walk down the aisle this saturday

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    NFCS Final Year Induction Ceremony

    CGAN induct NFCS finalists to CGAN community

Catholic Graduates Association of Nigeria

... custodi in fide vivit ...

Catholic Graduate Association of Nigeria is a socio-religious association of elites and intellectuals who are graduates and are of catholic background. We are made up of vibrant young minds, readily equipped, intellectually and morally for the needed positive change in the society. Our main concern is to see that the youths live out the faith in all walks of life.
CCGAN is an alumni body of Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS). Becoming a CGANites starts from institution of learning where the members are groomed with the preliquisite of living out the true christian faith under the Grace of God. We are grossly involved in the affairs of the nations especially where our inputs has a lot to do in ensuring that the Catholic needs are preserved in the society. We are not independent of the Catholic church, but represent the Church where matters of graduate youths of the society are paramount.
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Charity Foundation

With your donations, we support indigent students in Nigeria Univerrsities to have good education and to liberate our society from ignorance and underdevelopment ...

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