CGAN Reunion is a grand event of Catholic graduates of Nigeria. This is the avenue to come together again after some years of leaving higher institution of learning. CGAN is an association of intellectuals, moralists, leaders of the world and defenders of the faith. The planning of this year’s reunion has began with the following communique:


  • The zonal representatives are encouraged to organize meet-ups to promote friendship and bonding amongst members. Specifically, the following zones have been observed as zones with great potentials to have many interested CGANites
    • Enugu
    • Nsukka
    • Port-Harcourt/Aba
    • Lagos

We hope that once these zones are strong enough, other zones will spring up naturally.

  • The set coordinators are to work with the PRO (Frank Uzor) to promote communication.


  • The obligations of CGANites include:
    • praying for the association and its members
    • payment of dues
    • attendance to functions (e.g. weddings, ordinations and burials)
    • attendance to reunions
    • financial support.
  • We agreed that a monthly due of one hundred naira (#100) or an annual due of one thousand two hundred naira (#1200) be contributed by all CGANites to support the association.
  • Dues can be paid into the association’s account: CATHOLIC GRADUATES ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, ACCESS BANK, 0024224842
  • The payment of dues is effective from the month of March 2018
  • The Benefits of being a member of CGAN include:
    • prayers from members of the association
    • attendance to your events (wedding, ordination and burial of an immediate family member)
    • financial support of five thousand naira (#5,000) for your event


Points to Note

  • Welfare benefits (especially financial support) will only be provided for financially up-to-date members
  • The official invitation to your event should reach any of the executives at least three (3) weeks before the event
  • In the event of late invitation, the member will be entitled to CGAN welfare package, but CGAN cannot promise attendance to the event
  • We are only obliged to attend the burial and provide financial support involving the biological parents or spouse of a member
  • In the very unfortunate event of the loss of a sibling or child, CGAN will, but to obliged to provide emotional support via visitation/ attendance to burial, in addition to prayers for the repose of the soul of the dead and for the wellbeing of your family.
  • There will also be call for free-will donations to ensure our members are duly supported in their time of joy or sorrow.


  • As agreed during the 2017 reunion, the 2018 reunion is slated for July 2018. The actual date will be communicated to us as soon as we verify the University’s second semester academic calendar.
  • Proposed speaker is Bishop G.O Onah, Catholic bishop of Nsukka Diocese
  • Proposed theme is on the role of the catholic youth to national development
  • Further modifications and updates on the Reunion will be communicated by the chairman of the Reunion planning committee, Ugochukwu Okoye.


Dr. Engr. Mrs. Ijeoma Ezika (PhD)

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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  1. Nice one! Well-done EXCos

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